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Taking Dancing with the Stars too seriously

November 17, 2010 Leave a comment

In Wisconsin, a man upset with Bristol Palin’s performance on the hit TV show Dancing with the Stars created a stand off with Dane County police. Give me an effing break. Get a life, people!

By 1310 WIBA/NBC 15
Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It was a long Monday night for some Dane County deputies.

They were called to a home south of Black Earth, when a woman reported her husband was intoxicated…armed…and suicidal.

Elise Schaeffer with the Sheriff’s Department tells us, “When our deputies arrived, he was held up in the house by himself.  He, at that point, fired a shotgun inside the house at a television set.  That’s when our Tactical Response and Hostage Negotiation teams responded.”

According to the criminal complaint, the shot that was fired by 66 year old Steven Cowan was because he was angry over the way Bristol Palin performed on Dancing with the Stars.

Communication between authorities and Cowan continued over the 15 hour standoff.  Neighbors and Cowan’s doctor also kept in touch with him.

Cowan finally surrendered peacefully around 11am on Tuesday.

He’s been booked into the Dane County Jail on a Domestic Disorderly Conduct charge and 2nd Degree Reckless Endangerment.

He’s been receiving care for mental issues.


Love the last line – DUH!

News coverage will be unbearable

November 16, 2010 1 comment

With the announcement of Prince William’s engagement, here is a Venn Diagram of what it means to a lot of people. (taken from @thedollsays twitpic stream)

My reaction to todays news in the form of a Venn Diagram

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Stuxnet: A Breakthrough

November 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Interesting and thorough writeup on Stuxnet worm. The fact that one of the manufacturing locations for the frequency converter drives that the PLC units controls is made in Iran, that the development of this type of attack could be government sponsored, and that the frequency range the converter drives operate in falls in the sweet spot for motors used in uranium enrichment tells me that nation-states are funding and using viruses for cyber-attacks.

This is an alarming trend for the future as our enemies could use this technology against us. And that would be catastrophic.

Stuxnet: A Breakthrough | Symantec Connect.

From the Syamntec whitepaper:

Stuxnet represents the first of many milestones in malicious code history – it is the first to exploit four 0-day vulnerabilities, compromise two digital certificates, and inject code into industrial control systems and hide the code from the operator.  Whether Stuxnet will usher in a new generation of malicious code attacks towards realworld infrastructure—overshadowing the vast majority of current attacks affecting more virtual or individual assets—or if it is a once- in-a-decade occurrence remains to be seen.
Stuxnet is of such great complexity—requiring significant resources to develop—that few attackers will be capable of producing a similar threat, to such an extent that we would not expect masses of threats of similar in sophistication to suddenly appear.  However, Stuxnet has highlighted direct-attack attempts on critical infrastructure are possible and not just theory or movie plotlines.
The real-world implications of Stuxnet are beyond any threat we have seen in the past.  Despite the exciting challenge in reverse engineering Stuxnet and understanding its purpose, Stuxnet is the type of threat we hope to never see again.

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What will people eat?

November 15, 2010 Leave a comment

So in a warped experiment, I have decided to bring in to work a bunch of half-opened, old, unwanted items from my pantry to see if people will consume anything placed in the break room marked as “FREE.” I brought in pretzels that were from last year’s Halloween, Twizzlers from March,  marshmallows from god knows when, candies from July and mystery dried fruit from last century. I will pic the results after the day is done.

Here is proof of the start of the experiment:

Free Break Room Food 8:30am

**Update: 10:45 – Just saw the department chairman walking by with a bag of my pretzels in hand.

**Update: 12:15 – Twizzlers almost gone, marshmallows gone, pretzels almost gone, candies and mystery fruit still there.

Free food at 12:15pm

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McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: The People in an Olive Garden Commercial Share Their Existential Pain.

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

One of the funniest posts I’ve seen in a while. Savor the language and the prose. Love it!

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: The People in an Olive Garden Commercial Share Their Existential Pain..

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