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Happy New Year and A Resolution (or two)

Haven’t been posting in a while, primarily because work has been crazy busy. Also because just as most families in this time, we are filled with kids activities, adult activities, travel, conferences, holidays, blah, blah, blah.

I hope that all of you had a good holiday and here’s to a great 2012, regardless of what the Mayans say.

I only have one resolution this year and that’s to live a healthier and greener lifestyle. I figure if I make the resolution broad enough, then I can claim success even if I am only able to make an incremental improvement in my lifestyle.

kitchenSo, one change we are making is to eat as per the new health guidelines, using whole grains, more veggies, more fruit and less sugar. So far, the biggest issue is keeping enough fruit and veggies in the house to accomodate the kids’ appetite. Zachary had four apples (!) as a snack on Sunday (not all at once). We also switched to brown rice. This was most difficult for me. after all, growing up in Asia, white rice was all we ever used. Rice cookers do not work with brown rice, they work better with plain old white rice.

So those small incremental changes will be accompanied by a slight change in our shopping habits. In an effort to reduce recycling and trash, we want to try to get as close to a zero waste kitchen as possible.

I found this great site, http://thezerowastehome.com/ which tries to limit the huge amount of crap we throw out every day. I am pragmatic enough to know, especially with a child with allergies, that we will not be able to achieve true zero waste (the need to have soy milk and soy yogurt comes to mind); nevertheless, any step towards that goal will be helpful.

OK, maybe I have another resolution. I will try to post at least once a week on the blog, even if it’s just a link.

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