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Interesting interview with Bill Gates

Courtesy of mail.co.uk

The UK newpaper The Mail published a really interesting interview with Bill Gates. It’s amazing how he’s changed his image from one of being an asshole to one of being a very generous philantropist. It’s amazing what donating $25 Billion to charity will do to your image.

Among the items mentioned in the interview:

  • He drives a mini-van when he need to get the whole family around town
  • His children will get only a “miniscule” amount of his wealth – only about $10 million each
  • When U2 was in town, he and his kids went to the concert. He didn’t go backstage to see his friend, Bono. That’s because Bono stayed at his house.
  • Speaking of his house, it cost about $200 million and is 66,000 square feet in area
  • His kids don’t have iPods/iPads/iPhones; rather they have a Zune and a Windows 7 phone
  • He is the world’s second wealthiest person, with a fortune of $56 Billion

Check it out, it provides a glimpse of a man who is famously secretive about his private life.

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