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Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood: Screen-Free Week and Me

Screen Free WeekSo a friend of mine on Facebook just completed her “Screen Free Week” and I was curious about it so I asked her to explain what it was. She directed me to a link (I’ve shared below). As with the poster, I would have no problem with giving up the TV; however, the computer and the internet has become a greater distraction than TV ever was. I have it at work as well as home and all it takes to be tweeting and checking up on your Facebook friends is a simple aggregator like HootSuite or TweetDeck.

Having just finished 6 weeks of no tweets or Facebook (for Lent), I won’t do this right now; however, I plan on trying this next month. There will be SOME changes to the screen free week he describes. As an IT Director, it is nigh near impossible to work without a screen; moreover, I have a presentation and a discussion on different tablets I’m testing out for the Department. As a result, I will attempt to (when the time comes) to:

  1. Avoid all screen time at home (unless there is a work emergency that requires my attention)
  2. Avoid superfluous screen activity at work (e.g., blogging, tweeting, checking out ESPN) and limit it to the web sites and applications critical for my position.
  3. Read a non-digital book.

One of his passages really resonated with me. He states:

…but Twitter definitely has its hooks in me. I get lost clicking from tweets to news and commentary. And then there’s commentary on the commentary and before you know it, wow – is it really midnight? I swore I’d be in bed by ten.

It’s an identical scene at home as I drag myself up to bed 2 hours after I promised myself I would and subsequently be a bleary eyed mess in the morning. I don’t like that and while I don’t think that I can be screen free at home forever, taking a week off won’t be a bad thing. can you all do it? A lot of you are like me, turned off by the constant stream of drivel that comes out of TV but rationalizing the internet as being active rather than passive. The fact is, it’s still sitting on your ass and not interacting with PEOPLE but rather 0’s and 1’s. I’m not sure we can do it; but I’m gonna give it one hell of a try.

Come join me…

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood: Screen-Free Week and Me.

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