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The Falkland Islands War – 29 years ago

In perusing a flickr photostream, I came upon pictures of a visit by the photographer to the Falkland Islands. A flood of memories of those months almost 30 years ago came to the fore, and it made me think how many of the people alive today even remember that war. Names like Malvinas, Port Stanley, Exocet missles, the HMS Sheffield, the ARA Belgrano, the Harrier jet and of course, Margaret Thatcher and General Galtieri. Almost a thousand combatants lost, multiple ships sunk or disabled, including a destroyer and a frigate.

It was a conflict that, in retrospect, could have gone either way. There were a series of miscalculations that doomed Argentina’s bid to claim the islands. There was a real chance that the Brits would have lost the war. Apparently, there was a show on the Discovery Channel about this very topic.

If you don’t know anything about a war fought in 1982 across 8000 miles for some windy, sparsely populated pieces of rock, you should. Check it out.

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