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Three different tablets being considered

Despite the fact that I blog about twice a month, I decided to write a blog dealing solely on tech (since God knows we don’t have enough tech blogs, hmm?) with a focus on tech in the medical environment, both for students, residents and providers. It’s going to be at odystech.com. My first post will focus on a comparison of three tablets we’re considering here at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

With Android device activations outstripping iOS device activations, and with the fact that Android devices now outnumber iOS devices, a decision was made within my department to examine all three devices as a potential business device geared towards the concept of a paperless office.

I am still in the process of researching so I will post a full review (as well as a memo for the Chair; a presentation for MCW libraries, a document for the faculty, etc. etc. – maybe I can option it to Hollywood as well) in a month or so. For now, here are the initial specs of the tablets:

iPad Xoom Galaxy Tab
iOS 4.3.1 Android 3.0 Android 2.2
9.7” display 10.1” display 7” display
132 dpi 160 dpi
Dual Core A5 1Ghz Dual Core Tegra 2 1 Ghz Single Core  Cortex A8 1Ghz
3G 3G & 4G where available 3G
1Mpx camera res 5 Mpx camera res 3Mpx camera res
16/32/64 GB fixed storage 32GB internal+SD support in the future. 16/32 GB Internal +up to 32GB external
10 hours of use 9+ hours of use 7 hours of use

That’s a preview – more to come in about a month.

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