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What’s Up?

Eye of the HurricaneHave you ever been in the eye of a hurricane? It’s kind of amazing. I went through it when I was younger and you get this respite from the storm. The sky turns blue and clear, complete with soft puffy clouds, giving you the false sense it’s over only to discover that you’re about to re-enter the maelstrom.

Well, I’m in the eye right now. I got the immediate issue taken care of and I can breathe a bit. I can see the coming clouds though as next week is shaping up to be a category 5 hurricane.

We had to restore all services at a temporary location that only has 6 exam rooms (as opposed to the 30 we had previously) and we are preparing a new location that they will move to in 10 days. We need to wire, get a T1 circuit in, get new PC’s in (65), image said PC’s to our standard desktop, test connectivity, get printers installed, get servers re-configured, and make sure there’s space for all of it (the new clinic is smaller than the old one). We will be doing this again in 6-9 months as they are moving yet again to their true permanent digs.

On the personal side, my MIL is in the hospital with a dangerous liver condition. Suzanne is there now so I had the two kids by myself over the weekend. Popcorn and ice cream for dinner! Thankfully, my folks and nephews were supposed to come for a visit on Thursday (today) so they moved the arrival date to Monday and all four have been a tremendous help.

So that’s where I am in a nutshell. Sorry you asked?

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