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Since the Milwaukee flood, I have been struggling with the closure and re-opening of a clinic that was heavily damaged by the water. St. Joseph Family Care Center, which is one of the clinics I’m responsible for was under 18″ of water on the first floor and the basement (which housed all the electrical was under 9 FEET of water. Needless to say, servers and water do not mix. We have found an alternate, temporary location for them but I’ve been working like mad trying to get them up and running. I still have a lot to do but we’ve gotten to the point where I am in the eye of the hurricane (pun intended) as we’ve done all we can to get them up and running but I don’t have the new equipment in house to install in the still-under-construction new space. Once that’s done, I can breathe a little easier and return to the blog, as I find this really enjoyable and in some instances, cathartic.

Be patient readers – I have a review of the iPhone 4 vs. the Droid X in the works (I have both of them right now) and I will try to be impartial. Thanks!

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