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Iphone 4 blah blah HTC EVO blah HTC Droid Incredible -STOP!

OK, we’re back into the market frenzy over a new tech toy. Yesterday, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) for Apple, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4. Not that we weren’t expecting it (since Gizmodo published pictures of the phone two months ago) and not that we need it. I am so tired of the hype surrounding [insert product here] that feeds into the feeling of wanting something we don’t need.

I lost my iPhone about two weeks ago and have been using a corporate loaner phone since then. It’s another iPhone which is fine with me (3G) and as soon as I got it, I jailbroke it with the excellent Spirit application, allowing me to access the Cydia repositories. I don’t need anything more than that. This can allow me to do all the things I need it to do.  If you are attempting to jailbreak your iPhone, please research before you do so. You need to back up your SHSH Blobs before you try to jb it!

Anyway, I need to get a new phone since I cannot have the loaner indefinitely. In a previous post, I posted a poll asking all of you what phone to get to replace the one that I lost. The winner was the iPhone 4. *sigh*

I have mixed feeling about the new iPhone. On the one hand, it’s sweet looking and would let me access my music/videos/apps that I’ve already purchased through Apple. I know that the number of apps far surpasses that of any of the Android phones (although in reality, having a choice of 70,000 vs 215,000 becomes pretty insignificant since I will be using the “major” apps available on both platforms). I don’t have to worry about phone contracts and the like because I am already with AT&T.

On the other hand, I am down on Apple. The whole Flash brouhaha with Adobe, the over-the-top Gestapo tactics on the Gizmodo folks, and the fact I have to spend $300 to get a 32 GB phone with a non-user replaceable battery. I also m beginning to dislike Steve Jobs’ smug attitude (which is why I loved the network issues he had yesterday during the WWDC demo – schadenfreude is alive and well!).

My next phone/dumbbell

As a result, I expanded my research to include two Android phones, the HTC Incredible (on Verizon) and the HTC Evo 4G (on Sprint). I had almost purchased the Evo on Sunday but American Express Fraud Control put a temporary kibbosh on the sale, thinking my card had been stolen. When they called me, I told them it was a legitimate attempt by me to purchase a phone and they allowed it; unfortunately, by the time I retried purchasing, the phone was out of stock. Karma? The Incredible is also out of stock so I may just wait it out and hope some faculty or staff above me in the pecking order doesn’t need the loaner phone and make me turn it back in.

So as I was doing my comparison shopping of the two Droid phones, I came upon this infographic from skattertech.com that was very useful. Bottom line, none of the phones I am researching are currently available, the loaner phone I have has been jailbroken (thereby voiding the warranty) and I am still loathe to spend more than $200 on a cell phone. Maybe I’ll just kick it old skool.

  1. June 15, 2010 at 4:37 am

    The iPhone 4 really takes everything a step further. Finally there is a big change in the iPhone series and it has great specs. The only downside are the 32GB, I wish there would be a 64GB version.

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