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Playing some more with the V-Scan

More on the V-Scan, as promised in my earlier post:

So I’ve been playing with the V-Scan and looking at the device and playing with the images. It’s actually pretty cool. Here is a scan of a kidney with kidney stones and a scan of the heart. I t can also record a 2 second clip of the organ in motion.

It’s not cheap (about $8K) but compared to the cost of a full sized U/S, it’s a bargain. I can see this being used in rural areas where diagnostic equipment is a ways away, in field hospitals in zones of conflict, and for Scientologists who want their kid to be born at home.

It’s compact, easy to use and does the trick for a quick assessment before you turf patients further up the stream. But what do I know? I’m just the PC guy.

By the way, when I drew the red arrows on the kidney pictures above, I was just randomly drawing arrows. They could be kidney stones or could be just random light spots I was pointing to. I don’t claim to be an ultrasound tech or a radiologist so don’t take it seriously.

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