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iPhone woes

So my wife and mother-in-law left yesterday for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Being the good husband, I made sure my wife’s car had all the fluids topped off and gas tank filled. Concurrent to this is my current obsession with 4sq.com and their geolocation game. Apparently, mixing gasoline stations/Priuses/Foursquare and a forgetful husband is a recipe for disaster.

Trying to check in at the Citgo just as the pump completed its duty, forced me to set the cell phone down. On the rear spoiler of the Prius. After replacing the pump handle back on the pump, I drove away. I noticed I couldn’t find it last night but it wasn’t of much concern to me. I was sure it was in the house. then this morning, while showering, I was hit with the realization of what I had done with my phone.

I loved my iPhone. I had jailbroken the phone so it was modded with extra features. I had thoughts of getting an Android phone but I wasn’t sure. In the interim, I’m using my old Samsung Blackjack 2 which is more than adequate. My question to all two of you readers is, what phone should I be looking at as my next phone? Please take the survey to help me select as I am easily swayed in trying to determine something as mundane as a new phone.

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  1. Ken
    May 25, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Ody, knowing what a tech whore you are (I mean that fondly, btw) I think if possible you should wait until the iPhone 4G comes out to decide…

  2. Scott Hall
    May 26, 2010 at 10:46 am

    Hi Ody. Sorry to hear about the phone. I vote that you go with something android based. I think you’ll appreciate the openness of it all. I started off with the G1 and have recently moved up to the Nexus (which should be hitting actual stores soon).

    I am not recommending a specific phone because they tend to be tied to a carrier and other than your hate of AT&T, I am not sure who else has good coverage up there for you. With the smartphones, coverage is key.

    On the Geolocation front, have you looked at Scvngr? I am playing with it now. Take 4square and mix in user generated challenges. Site: http://scvngr.com/

    I am toying with the idea of how my kids (clients) can play with this. I am thinking that the challenges can be leveraged for conventions/trade shows to promote interest in events and offerings. So instead of just checking in, users would need to view a demo, partake in a discussion, etc.

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