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Restaurante Dantxari – Madrid

Friday, March 19th was Father’s Day here in Spain. Which means I get the benefit of TWO special days. It was also my feast day (feast of St. Joseph), which isn’t a big deal in the USA but here in Spain, apparently, it’s a big deal. As a result, we went out to dinner. It was a wonderful meal, like going to the feast in Bespin, only Lando doesn’t call Darth so everyone just eats great food and passes out in a food coma, which is exactly what happened.

Morel mushroom stuffed with foie gras in a black truffle sauce

Morel mushroom stuffed with foie gras in a black truffle sauce

Eduardo, who was the owner and maitre d’, greeted us at the door. Brother was smooove in the truest sense of the word. “Hombre, que tal?” greeted everyone and remembered mom and dad (since they frequented the place), had us seated in a phat table which gave us a great view of the dining area AND had a basket of warm pan tradiccional con un platito de chorizo (which we thought was complimentary but later found out that it cost 7 Euros). He also brought out a plato de jamon serrano sliced paper thin so the ham melted in your mouth. The chorizos were wonderful, garlicky, warm dedos gordos which had a bit of spice to them, perfect with the excellent crusty bread.

As an appetizer, we had morchella lleno con foie gras en un salsa hecho de truffle negro. Unbelievably good, like rolling a 20 and getting a crit hit on a Blarog good. This was the kind of dish you take the rest of the bread and sop up the sauce, even as the server was trying to clear the plate…

Then came the entrees. The fish was fresh so all of us had different types of fish. Far and away my fave was the monkfish (which is “rape” in Spanish, pronounced “rah-peh”) “a la Dantxari” that Suzanne ordered. It was a complex mix of fresh herbs, tomatoes, garlic and a whole broiled fish. they give you the option of filleting the fish yourself or having them do it for you. Suzanne choose the latter. I had the sole which was good but not like the monkfish. “You chose wisely” I said in my best Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Templar Knight-who-was-stuck in the cave voice, as I bit into the firm, succulent flesh of the fish. The herbs were light on the palate and the nose and the end notes of the dish were perfect.

At this point we were very stuffed but the dessert choices were very tempting. After surreptitiously unbuttoning my pants, I ordered a cafe con leche and listened to Eduardo describe the desserts. I settled on a simple but intriguing choice, helado de biscocho translated as breadcrumb ice cream. Sounds like it would suck, eh? I mean, why don’t I just get a scoop of vanilla and roll it around some breadcrumbs, right? Keep in mind I’ve eaten cheese ice cream and corn ice cream as well so breadcrumb ice cream wasn’t a big deal. But it was goood. Different but good.

In short, fiesta de los padres was a success, both in terms of the food and the company.

(with humblest apologies to Junot Diaz)

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  1. Jim
    May 17, 2010 at 1:21 am

    So what did Elena eat?
    I think you missed your calling as a food critic!

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