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Weather Report – Hell reports a temp of 34º

So tonight, my alma mater, William and Mary, will play for the right to go to the NCAA Tournament for the first time EVER. It’s been a really bizarre season for the Tribe as we beat UVa in NCAA Football, made it to the semifinals of the NCAA FCS tournament before losing by 1 point to eventual national champions Villanova, beating UMd at College Park in basketball earlier in the year, and now the chance to enter the Big Dance.

Here’s the thing, we’re a small school of about 6000 better known for producing presidents (Jefferson, Tyler, etc); entertainers (Scott Glenn, Glenn Close, Linda Lavin, Jon Stewart) and politicos (Robert Gates) than producing sports stars (Darren Sharper, Mark Kelso and Steve Christie being the exceptions). As a result, this year of EXCELLENCE IN ATHLETICS puts us in an unfamiliar situation. We aren’t sure how to act. Do we go and talk smack? I’m not sure we have enough dap to talk smack. We’ve been so used to losing that “that’s all right, that’s OK, you’re gonna work for us someday” is a part of the cheering repertoire at the College.

I’m cautiously excited but ever the pessimist, don’t expect much. I can’t even watch it at home. Since we got rid of U-Verse, I’m going to have to find someone that has ESPN so I can see the game. I’m not sure the Tribe have ever BEEN on ESPN before. It won’t be easy since we have to go through ODU; but stranger things have happened and if they do manage to make it through to the NCAA tourney, then the weather report for hell will be adjusted down.

*Update* I saw today that there was another earthquake that topped a 6.0 on the seismic scale, this one in Turkey, bringing to 8 the number of 6+ earthquakes since the new year began. If there is an upset tonight, will it signal the start of a cataclysmic domino effect? Should we start heading for the hills? Nah. Ain’t gonna happen. ODU 77 W&M 65. (and the world is right once again).

ODU vs. William and Mary
7PM Richmond Coliseum

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