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How I feel about Twitter…as said by @twistedlilkitty

I’m a pragmatist. Why try to write an original piece of my own when someone smarter, more charming, prettier, and has a cooler accent than me has already written one?

twistedlilkittyI follow Twistedlilkitty on Twitter and love her tweets. She has a PhD in Chemistry and lives in Dublin, but contrary to the perception of scientists as staid, boring types, she is anything but boring. Do yourself a favor and follow her and her blog, “Eloquently Twisted” (it’s on my blogroll, FYI).

Here, in its entirety, is her last blog post:

The Numbers Game

We work in numbers, our ages, the money we have, the number of people we say we’ve slept with, the number of people we’ve actually slept with, phone numbers, pin codes, the perfect 10, our top ten, thinking about number one.

Like everything Twitter works in numbers, followers, followees, retweets, favourites. Currently I have over 1300 followers, though after writing this I’m sure that number will go down. It feels awkward to write that number, I’m not boasting trust me, if I were boasting I’d tell you how I can open a beer bottle using my cleavage. Which I can’t but think of the possibilities.

People put a lot of faith into the numbers, so many links saying ‘GAIN MORE FOLLOWERS’, so many people following for follow backs. Collecting people. That side doesn’t make sense, it’s nice to have people to talk to, to be interested in but having a lot of followers doesn’t make you popular. Hell, I can’t find someone to go the the cinema tomorrow with me. The biggest crime that happens with numbers is when people begin to believe their own hype. It’s tempting as hell, surely I must be doing something right. Right?

The average user of Twitter, uses it to dip in and out of peoples lives, to skim the surface. It’s a form of entertainment, of human interaction, sometimes though not always you get invested in the lives of those you interact with. Though for the most part it’s games of word play. Even though I have over 1300 followers, if I were to post a link of a picture it would rarely get more than 100 hits and honestly people love clicking pictures. This blog post will be read by less than 20, maybe even less than 10, maybe just me right now, writing it and reading it out loud in a French accent.

My point is even if you have a lot of followers, it doesn’t make you brilliant, it doesn’t make the people who follow you want to give up their money/kidneys/first born children for you. So, what I do is, I take the number as a compliment but in general I ignore it and Tweet what I think or something that made me laugh, if you start taking these things seriously you lose whatever the hell it is about you that makes people want to read your tweets in the first place.

Tweet like you’re the only person reading..

RT like you wish the joke was yours.

and let your @’s be polite, like there is a possibility that the person will track you down and punch you in the face as you sleep.

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