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Doctors Doctors EVERYWHERE

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sometimes it’s really annoying being around MD’s all the time. It gives me great pleasure torturing them by withholding computer advice/services. Being married to a physician means there is a perspective on the medical field that others may not have. Here’s a fact – they are often WRONG. Not to say that they don’t know what they’re doing, but rather, medicine is as much an art as a science. Also, it’s easier to eliminate what you DON’T have than to determine what you DO have. It’s a very expensive process of elimination.

I remember listening to a very good friend of mine who’s an interventional radiologist (radiologists that perform procedures rather than just interpret film) and he described a procedure where one blindly goes into the liver to find the blockage. Not fun. I have a orthopedic surgeon friend who did a double knee replacement on a patient and the patient died. Apparently, it’s not a good idea to do two knee replacements at the same time.

It goes on. If you really want to piss your doctor off, just say, “But Jenny McCarthy says so!” They love that shit. And speaking of shit, when did the discipline of proctology become GI? I have a friend who’s a pediatric GI doc and all he does are colonoscopies and flex sigs. Sounds proctological to me… and don’t get me started on colposcopies. I have never seen more unappealing pictures than a diseased cervix. Ugh. Unless it’s Jocelyn Wildenstein.

So this morning, I was thinking of our close friends and tried to think of all the disciplines in medicine that they practiced in. We have neurologists, nephrologists, endocrinologists, sports medicine docs, internists, orthopods, cardiologists, hospitalists, dermatologists, allergists, ER docs, family medicine docs, psychiatrists, radiologists and surgeons (both plastic and general). Oh and GI docs. But no proctologists. And the one consistent thing about all our friends, they and most physicians REALLY do care about your health. You don’t see the arguing with insurance companies to get you approval for that test, or the mounds of paperwork required to be reimbursed $0.30 on the dollar for their services. They don’t like failure and they beat themselves up over their mistakes. You all don’t see that. Understand that when you’re being chastised or lectured to, or tests are being ordered for you, it’s being done by your advocate.

Take ownership of your health and see the physician as an partner helping you feel the best you can be.

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