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Memorable Concerts, part 2

A Momentary Lapse of ReasonWe now return to our regular blog after the Apple announcement of yesterday. As promised, here is part 2 of my fave concert post. Again, keep in mind that my memories are fuzzy and so it may not be accurate in terms of dates but the concerts are real.

Pink Floyd – Capital Center Landover, MD 1987 18,000 seat arena
Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour – First and only time I’ve seen Floyd and it was all I expected it to be, complete with flying pig. Went with a dear friend, Bryan “Boomer” Mahoney who later took his life on November 5th, 1994 (my birthday).

Big Pig – The Bayou Washington, DC 1989 300 seat club
3 Drummers, 2 Percussionists, 1 keyboardist, 1 harmonica player, 2 vocalists. Nuff said.

U2 – RFK Stadium Washington, DC 1993 50,000 seat stadium
Zoo TV tour. How a stadium tour should be done. Wonderful effects, great songs and electric atmosphere

Radiohead – Deck the Hall Ball Seattle, WA 1994 2000 seat hall
During my brief stay in Seattle, I saw two shows that were memorable. This was one (there were other bands but the Radiohead set was memorable since it was acoustic, only Thom Yorke and Johny Greenwood were there and Thom Yorke threatened to jump from the stage and punch someone.

Dave Matthews Band – ?? Club Seattle, WA 1994 300 seat club
Went on a whim, had seen them at the Bayou before and wanted to go somewhere with my sister, Mimi and my cousin, Tina Ziemba. Great sound and last time I was able to see him in a venue this small.

Too Much Joy – 9:30 Club Washington, DC 1995 500 seat club
Memorable for a number of reasons. I loved Too Much Joy, it was one of the first show at the new 9:30 Club, and Derek Palmer broke his arm and still blames me to this day.

Eddie from Ohio – Bad Habits Arlington, VA every Tuesday night 1994-1996. 200 seat club/restaurant
Friends with the band so it’s a bit unfair but they were, and still are, wonderful to see in concert. If you like folk mixed with alt-country, check them out.

Gipsy Kings – Wolf Trap Filene Center Vienna, VA multiple times 7000 seat shed
Will get up up and dancing from the very beginning of the show and you won’t sit down until the end.

Indigo Girls – The Birchmere Alexandria, VA 1996 300 seat club
Surprise show and I went with my then wife-to-be who loved the Girls. Enjoyed it for her as much as I enjoyed it for me.

The BoDeans – Summerfest Grounds Milwaukee, WI 1998
Went with (then)new friends Jason Doescher and Kevin Walter. Also went with Kent “Chuck Taylor” Oldham. Good times.

Then there was a distinct decline in number of concerts attended and consequently, the number of memorable concerts declined as well. The last blown-away concert experience occured last year at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee when I saw the Canadian band the Musical Box. They re-create Genesis concerts in its entirety. Last year was the Foxtrot tour and it gave me goosebumps. I have tickets for their “Trick of the Tail” tour show next month. I can’t wait.

So that’s it. There were so many others that may have made the cut but they’re so hard to remember.

Some honorable mentions:

The Fleshtones
Dread Zepplin
Michelle Shocked
John Hiatt
John Prine
The Eagles
Elton John
Phil Collins
Peter Gabriel
The Smiths
The The
David Sylvian
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
The Pogues
Mojo Nixon
The Who

What are yours?

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  1. Jim
    January 29, 2010 at 1:27 am

    I didn’t know you had finally seen the Musical Box! Did you get the videos I sent you of the TOTT tour? I had dinner with the keyboardist, David Myers, after their concert here in November. Nice guy, great musician! Enjoy the tour!
    Gabriel’s “So” tour in Munich around 1992 was fabulous. The stage – made up like a catwalk for models – connected two round areas where he played. The most recent tour for “Up” that I saw was also good, especially nice to see him singing with his daughter on the “Downside up” song.
    And I must say that I have loved every Phil Collins (solo) concert I’ve seen. He infuses so much energy into his music and the other musicians that he is (was) a lot of fun to watch.

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