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Napping as part of the work day



The Mediterranean countries have it right. Taking time off in the middle of the day makes for a more productive second half of the work day. Those who DO take a lunch (as opposed to the drones who skip lunch) may feel lethargic after eating. Similar to the annual tryptophan-induced haze during Thanksgiving, this time is unproductive and marked by drool magically appearing on the side of your mouth and dripping onto the desk. According to research, 34% of us already DO fall asleep at work.

Why not follow the lead of Spain, Greece, and Italy and take a break? We work enough. Even a 30 minute nap can benefit your mental acuity.

“The Benefit of a Power Nap: Studies show that 20 minutes of sleep in the afternoon provides more rest than 20 minutes more sleep in the morning (though the last two hours of morning sleep have special benefits of their own). The body seems to be designed for this, as most people’s bodies naturally become more tired in the afternoon, about 8 hours after we wake up.” from Elizabeth Scott, M.S. (read full article)

So why don’t we adopt this? Well, on downside is that it adds time to the end of the day. You need space to sleep in (some companies actually have sleeping rooms for people who want to nap in the office building), and what about those people that take REALLY long naps? Plus, there is the yuck factor at sleeping in a bed someone was just in. I don’t really love sharing my bed with someone who morally objects to showers.

In short – I wish I could nap at work…but maybe I already do. 🙂

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