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Screwed Up

I keep beating myself up over this but the fact of the matter is, I’m a frakking idiot. The fact of the matter is that at multiple points, I could have avoided hurting friends and yet, at every point, I chose poorly.

The story:

Suzanne was at work this morning so I was looking for something to do with the kids. Zachary’s classmate Conner lives a few houses down from us so I called his mom to see if we could get the two boys together. We were on our way out to Starbucks when a call came in from Gedi’s mom. Zachary just got ice skates and is still excited about using them. Gedi and his mom were going ice skating. Initially, I told her no, as I should have but then I set into motion a series of unfortunate events that culminated in my getting in hot water with Conner’s mom.

I SHOULD have taken Conner skating or I SHOULD have called Conner’s mom immediately to reschedule or I SHOULD have said no to Gedi’s mom. Instead, I did none of these things. I just rolled with it…all the way down into the doghouse.

I WILL apologize and I will get out of the doghouse. But it will take a while.

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