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More about the Ady Gil *UPDATE* [June 4, 2010]

The Ady Gil, the superboat the Shonan Maru whaling vessel collided with, apparently cost $2 million. Used. It was capable of reaching almost 50 mph in the water. It was a hi-tech, futuristic tri-maran but apparently, the carbon fiber/kevlar boat is too damaged to salvage. Nevertheless, it’s coolness factor is still pretty high. Here are some pics of the boat:

The Ady Gil grand introduction in California

The Ady Gil grand introduction

courtesy of photobucket.com/photobastard

The Ady Gil before the collision

The Ady Gil before the collision

courtesy of the guardian.co.uk

Wouldn’t it have been funny if the Japanese ship were named the Kobiyashi Maru?

FYI:Here was my first post about the Ady Gil

[Updated June 3, 2010]

Peter Bethune, skipper of the late great biodiesel boat, the Ady Gil (previously known as “Earthrace” before being purchased by the Eco-activist group Sea Shepard), is currently on trial in Tokyo for the crime of  throwing an acid (butyric acid) similar to rancid butter, and injuring a member of the crew of the Shonan Maru No 2 that collided with his powerboat. the trial isn’t directly tied to the incident where the Ady Gil was lost at sea; instead it is about an incident that occurred about a month after that confrontations where activists (including Mr. Bethune) boarded the same Japanese whaling vessel and tried to disrupt operations.

“There has been this procession of rehearsed statements from their side,” said Mr Bethune. “You’re not allowed call anyone a liar in the courtroom here but they’re lying.”

The activist has admitted charges including trespassing and disruption of commerce but denies assaulting a crew member of the Shonan Maru No 2 with a bottle of butyric acid. He is expected to be convicted and can receive a maximum sentence of 15 years.

Previous incarnation

Mr. Bethune was the skipper of the boat in its first incarnation as well, not as an anti-whaling vessel but rather as a high-tech speed boat that was also environmentally friendly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Designed as “a rally car but for oceans”, Earthrace was a trimaran running on 100-percent pure biodiesel that set an around-the-world speed record with a net zero carbon footprint. They tried to break the record in 2007, but mechanical problems kept them from finishing the race.

Earthrace can submerge up to 23 feet in water if it needs to fight big waves and the most important fact is that parts of the boat are made from a hemp-based composite (Duuude, pass the nacho chips…), bedding foams are made from canola oil (so it smells like the back of the McDonalds fryer), and the operation’s total carbon footprint has been balanced by purchasing carbon credits.

At a speed of 6 knots (6.9 mph) the boat goes up to 15,000 miles on a full tank, while at 25 knots (29 mph) it runs for 2,300 miles.

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