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Mike Shanahan new Skins coach. Yipee. Not.

New Skins Coah Mike Shanahan (courtesy of denverbroncosqbclub.com)

New Skins Coach Mike Shanahan (courtesy of denverbroncosqbclub.com)

In another attempt to attract a name rather than a good coach, Dan Snyder has once again opened up the vaults to attract what may be a coach past his prime. Rather than doings as the successful franchises have done (see: Ravens –  John Harbaugh – 1st head coaching job, Saints – Sean Payton – 1st head coaching job, Pittsburgh – Mike Tomlin – 1st head coaching job, Vikings – Brad Childress – – 1st head coaching job, Colts – Jim Caldwell – – 1st head coaching job) we went for the re-tread who, after the glory years with John Elway, had a decent but not exceptional record (one post season win in 10 years, 4 10+ seasons in the same period). As my friend Tobin Anthony re-tweeted, “Congrats, Redskins fans.Any time [yo]u can give too much power & [dollars] to a 58-yr old coach/GM who was .500 fr[om] 2006-08, do it!

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